I've been an artist all my life. I've always drawn and painted and made stuff. I was the cliche that played with the boxes at Christmas. I've had the privilege to have had all sorts of projects and commissions over the years too; from Mural-work in public places & portraits of every description to shop signage, stage sets and illustration/design work. 

I went to Glasgow School of Art and specialized in Graphic Design & Illustration then went on to further specialize in Animation... hence the varied portfolio :P 

In my personal art I'm pursuing a few themes. One of which is a collection of portraits of my idols growing up and now.

These will available as cards and other merchandise from the product shop soon alongside prints and one-off original artwork.

If you have an artwork your looking to commission please contact me. I love a new idea or project to explore with folk.

Kind regards, and thank you for your interest.