Now with Motion-Controlled Video: Car - Video Test showing some of the motion-capture capabilities available for your next project. (excuse the dust! lol)

Whatever business your in's noticed more when it's moving.

Especially online.

Here's where I come in.




I can incorporate Stills / Video/ Graphics & Animation for whatever project or product you require. 

We can also design 3 month or 12 month campaigns for your project / business :


1- Logo. Stills. Slogans/Taglines 

  - Print promotions - flyers/posters/pull-up banners etc

  - Online versions for instagram/facebook promotions/offers/adverts #Hashtags


2- Ident. Video. Graphics/Animation

   - online backup for print - able to highlight key points, emphasizing messages by repetition & recognition. 


I've worked with many different businesses and professionals to achieve their vision.

Please have a browse on here or contact me if you have any questions.   


Food & Hospitality

Band/Singer Promo's / Music Vids



Graphic Design

Business Presentations

Logo Design & Ident Animation